About Us

Pars Avand Plastics is a manufacturer of disposable plastic food containers based in Iran. Since its inception in 2004, Pars Avand plastics has never strayed from its initial goal, which was to cater to the substantial and ever growing demands of the Iranian market for food packaging. 

As one of the industry leaders for more than a decade, Pars Avand Plastics continues to maintain the high quality for which it is known. The factory is located in Isfahan which is in the heart of Iran and is known as one of the main industrial Iranian cities. The company’s distribution lines reach most parts of the country through distribution offices and through reliable and trustworthy partners.

Because of the hard work, resourcefulness, and commitment of a team of people from the managers to the technicians, Pars Avand Plastics has offered its clients a wide range of high quality products. This has helped the company to reach a high level of excellence and success. Pars Avand Plastics would like to continue to share that success with its clients as they grow together.


فوکر کوچک درب بلند

فوکر کوچک (آوندی)

فوکر بزرگ (آوندی)

فوکر بزرگ درب بلند

فوکر آرمانی میوه ایی

فوکر هواپیمایی

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